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As a bereavement specialist with her own personal losses, I understand the challenges of losing those who are close to you, especially in our death-phobic culture. Every situation and family is different, and my approach is flexible and holistic.

Children’s Services:

When working with children, I do an initial in-depth assessment and provide support for parents: a big part of the healing process requires adults to be honest and open with children and to include them in any bereavement rituals and decision-making.  A child’s developmental stage is taken into consideration when making recommendations. With pre-death work, there is time and space to explore and educate about the particular illness affecting the loved one with the idea of being as factual as possible when sharing information with children.

    • Bereavement Sessions – individual or family
    • Parent Consultation
    • Anticipatory Death – focused work and psycho-education
    • Military Loss
    • Consultations with other Professionals

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Adult Services:

Sessions incorporate mindfulness, sandtray work, and creative and expressive arts therapies as well as traditional talk therapy. Heidi has a particular interest in spirituality and welcomes those kind of discussions and input within sessions. Having lived in the UK for fifteeen years, she is especially well-suited to work with British and international  clients.  For those living outside of the US, we can offer HIPPA-compliant platforms like VSee.